The history of the Holy shroud

Jesus' life began in Bethlehem, Judea, in the year 0 A.D. This marks the beginning of the dating of history to the period after Christ's birth, known as the Christian era.
Jesus called God his Father, and spent 3 years in public life traveling through Judea and Galilee. He prayed in the synagogue, taught, performed miracles, healed and was accompanied by his 12 disciples. On the eve of the Jewish Passover, he was arrested, tried and condemned, tortured and severely beaten, and crucified on the orders of Pontius Pilate.

After his Passion, Jesus will be buried in a shroud, in accordance with Jewish tradition. This piece of cloth, 4 meters long, will surround Jesus, who will have been embalmed with spices.
On the third day, as Scripture tells us, the women go to the tomb to bring more spices, but Jesus' body is no longer in the tomb.
Only the shroud is present and folded. After the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Holy Shroud is kept safe and secret in Jerusalem.
The Holy Shroud is an object of veneration for believers. The bloodstains on the cloth are a reminder of the sufferings endured by Christ: the mark of the crown of thorns, the traces of scourging, the wounds inflicted, the nails in the feet and wrists.

The Holy Shroud is a venerated relic that can still be found today in Turin's John the Baptist Cathedral.

The Holy Shroud of Turin became the talk of the town in 1898, after a photographer discovered and took a photograph of the shroud. When the roll was developed, Seconda Pia saw the face of Jesus as a positive. The Shroud of Turin then became an enigma and the focus of much debate among scientists and historians.

We offer you a life-size reproduction of the shroud on fabric, with the image of Jesus from the front and the image of the supplicant's back.

This reproduction of the Holy Shroud will enable you to venerate this relic at home, in your oratory or church chapel.

It's an invaluable aid for your prayer and catechism groups, helping you to meditate and enter into a communion of prayer, to relive the stories of Christ's Passion and Resurrection.

Ordering your reproduction
the Holy Shroud

"During a conference on the life of Jesus. in Pléchâtel in 2018, something unusual happened to me.
Arriving slightly late, the conference has just begun, and I sneak into the last row of the audience to the only seat still free, and pay close attention, as the quality of the speaker invites me to do.
My back is against the wall, and after a while I realize that a warmth I've never felt before is gradually invading my back. At one point, the lecturer mentions a representation fixed to the wall against which I'm leaning. Everyone turns to admire the reproduction. I realize it's the front and back of the Holy Shroud, which I hadn't seen when I arrived. The heat in my back didn't let up until the end of the conference.
That same evening, I celebrated a Mass like none I've ever celebrated in my ministry, in a state of unheard-of grace. I made the connection with this particular grace. Comprenne qui pourra."

Testimony of M. L'abbé P (France)

A Carmelite prioress who was offered a reproduction of the Shroud by a layman had the great joy of saving the vows of one of her sisters.
This 25-year-old sister was about to leave Carmel when the Mother Prioress presented her with a reproduction of the Holy Shroud.
Following a meditation before the Shroud, the nun testified to the Mother Prioress: "When I see Our Lord's sufferings, I accept my own, I tell myself I can no longer resign." She renounced her plan, and honored her vows by remaining in Carmel...

Testimony of a Carmelite prioress